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TNR Success Stories

Since October 2017 Community Cat Allies has provided TNR services to 1,317 local community cats!

Meet Smokey, a community cat cared for by a Community Cat Allies volunteer. Smokey is a sweet and friendly, but still feral, boy, who has a nearly twin brother Frank; the only difference is Smokey has a white patch on his tummy. In March 2017, Community Cat Allies helped get Smokey neutered and vaccinated and returned him to his home. Our first success!

His handsome brother Frank was neutered, vaccinated and returned home in June 2017.

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Thinking of TNR? Read this happy testimonial:

My name is Jennifer Glazier I live in Prunedale California with my husband Jake and two children Lila and Leo. Over the years we have seen and heard cats on our property never thinking much of it. However, the first time we heard tiny attempts of what we discovered were cat like cries and saw the first litter of day old kittens in our yard were we really exposed to feral cats and the issues that they face.

Not totally sure of what to do or not what to do we watched closely and quietly from a distance. We would make sure the mama cat was with the kittens and that we knew where she was moving them to when she found a new safe location. We started to feed the mama cat hoping that it would keep her healthy and help with the survival rate of her babies. Not after long the mama disappeared and the kittens were left to fend for themselves. I really didn’t and couldn’t believe how this could happen. I started to feed them hoping that they would all make it. They were skittish, scared, afraid, wild and alone. It broke my heart. Soon, the kids and I named all five of them and had feeding times established. Eventually the pack of five decreased to four and then to three. The kittens grew to become cats but they were still afraid.

Two of the cats eventually appeared to be gaining weight quickly. It wasn’t long until I realized they were pregnant. I was worried now and realized how easy and quickly the cycle could repeat itself.

The kittens came, two from each litter made it. We continued to feed them. Eventually they started showing some interest in us, playing all around our property, bringing us occasional presents and anxious to eat daily.

Although we enjoyed them I knew we had a problem on our hands and we needed to do something about it. I was scared, a little embarrassed and knew the cycle would repeat. I did some research and found Meg with Community Cat Allies. She was great! She answered questions and gave me guidance and reassurance. I then had the pleasure of meeting Arlene, a volunteer, who has such an incredible passion for cats and a great kindness in her heart. She made trapping cats, something that terrified me and totally overwhelmed me, into an accomplished task! Holly, also with Community Cat Allies, was another individual who we had the pleasure of working with. She would pick up the cats at the SPCA after the spay/neuter surgeries and then return them to us. She sent release videos that the kids and I still watch today. Without the help of these amazing individuals we could not have helped the cats and the community.

We now have 6 guard cats on our property that play, roam, sleep and hang out all day on a couple of acres in Prunedale. We love them and are forever grateful for the help we received from Community Cat Allies and the SPCA.

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