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All of our cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for fleas prior to adoption. Kittens come from local colonies and are fostered in our loving, experienced foster homes. Adult cats are often found abandoned by their previous owners and deserve a loving home. To learn more about any of these adorable cats, please email us at and please include your phone number.

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Adopt Jim! This is a courtesy post for community member Susan.
Jim-boy is a 5-6 year old affectionate boy – a distinctly marked black, brown and orange tabby who weighs about 13 ½ pounds. He arrived at our door in Toro Park Estates months ago (late 2021), hungry and in need of shelter. We took him inside our house at the beginning of this year (early Jan.) when his paw got injured. Timid and fearful at first, he hid in our pantry closet until he gradually lost his fear of this new environment – i.e, . our kitchen. 

Jim was affectionate from the start, letting me pet him and eventually “asking” to be petted. Now, he is more like a puppy, under foot, wanting to be held and cuddled frequently, and obviously displaying characteristics of the ideal “lap” cat. He shows little inclination these days to spend much time outdoors; rather, he seems to enjoy short periods sunning himself on the grass in the backyard and watching the birds and sights. He enjoys catnip, likes to play with his mouse toys, batting them around the kitchen floor, and likes to sit with us on his own chair during our dinner time.

He has been neutered and his Rabies and FVRCP vaccines are current. He was also tested for FIV and feline leukemia in Feb. 2023, and the results were negative. Jim is currently being treated for what is thought to be an autoimmune condition called Pillow Paws. His paws are healing nicely with the medication and supplements he is receiving and, even more importantly, we think, with the safe and affectionate environment he now enjoys. Following his final check-up during the first week of March, Jim-boy should be available for placement after March 8th.

Jim is a very affectionate cat, who would likely be content on his human's lap for hours on end. He would be a perfect match for a person who has the patience and time to give him the affection he needs. The ideal companion could be a retiree(s) or a person who works from home, has owned cats in the past and is able to spend considerable time holding and cuddling this affectionate guy. Jim is unlikely to thrive in a house with other pets or young children as he has some tendency to be fearful or anxious, probably from his extended time outdoors fending for himself. Although he is likely to be somewhat timid of a new owner at first, Jim should soon respond positively to anyone who is patient and kind to him. 

Please contact Susan at (831) 484-6523 if you might be interested in sharing your home with Jim.


ADOPT SPOTTY: Spotty is an adorable, 2 year old-ish kitty we trapped, spayed, vaccinated and returned to her outdoor home last year. She was quite friendly at the time and won the hearts of the clinic staff.  See her ears? She’s both ear tipped, but due to her white ears and face, she already had sun damage to her ears, which was removed during her spay. White cats are prone to skin cancer and we’d like to help Spotty find an indoor home. Spotty’s lived outside her whole life but is loved on by her family and their kids. She’s used to other cats and people. She’s a bit shy, of course, but sweet and we think she’ll warm up quickly. Spotty needs an experienced and patient adopter who will keep her inside and allow her to blossom in her own time. Spotty is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped and we will help update her vaccines and provide flea treatment prior to her adoption. Spotty would make a wonderful addition to your home!


COURTESY POST: A wonderful community member raised four kittens and their mama and now they're available for adoption. All  have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. To learn more about the three kittens available, please check out the PDF posters. If you're interested in learning more about these kittens, please contact Cynthia directly at:  at 831 240-7667 or email me at

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