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Respecting the Autonomy of Community Cats

Established in August 2016, Community Cat Allies assists with Trap-Neuter/Spay-Vaccinate-Return (TNR) for community cats in Monterey County, California. We focus on North Monterey County (Castroville, Prunedale) and Salinas but do our best to assist all of our communities. Currently we are helping local residents with TNR of small colonies (trapping, transport, loaning traps, and other assistance). Community Cat Allies is also working with local shelters to establish and maintain Shelter-Neuter/Spay-Vaccinate-Return (SNR) programs. Fundamentally, we believes that healthy cats should remain in their outdoor homes where they have the best chances to survive and thrive.

Our long-term goals are to help establish a high volume, low cost spay/neuter clinic in Monterey County and to support our local shelters in creating more opportunities for feral cats to leave the shelter alive.  Collaboration is at the heart of this goal and we believe working together benefits all homeless animals.


We do not trap community cats for adoption or socialization. Cats born and raised outdoors do not want to become pets and would find the process of "socialization" terrifying. If you would like more information on this, please watch Kitten Lady's video. She also has wonderful information on fostering and caring for kittens on her website: If we trap a cat who is microchipped, we will do our best to get that cat back to its guardian.

We are 100% volunteer run and supported. Whether you want to help with TNR, plan our next event, or you would simply like to make a monetary contribution to our cause, get in touch today and see how you can start working towards a better tomorrow for our feline friends.


Community Cat Allies is a Best Friends Network Partner and part of Alley Cat Allies' Feral Friends Network.

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